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Andrew is a writer based in Los Angeles, CA. He is currently the script coordinator for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem film at Nickelodeon Animation (which still feels unreal to say out loud and is, in fact, the best gig ever).  


He also serves as the creative director of content studio Endless Media where he's helped build a robust slate of  live-action content including feature films The Calm BeyondDie Like Lovers, Harami and Teddy Bears are for Lovers.

Andrew mainly grew up in Florida, but tells everyone he's from Buffalo since he was born there and it doesn't have a reputation for swamp people or bath salts. 

Writing is Andrew's passion and he has a love for all things animation. He gravitates towards action/adventure and sci-fi. Don't put him in a box though, he can do funny and scary stuff too. 


Andrew enjoys going to theme parks and comic conventions, and creating pixel art.


Andrew's animated pilot script Craters was selected as a quarterfinalist in both the 2021 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy competition and Creative Screenwriting's 2021 Animation Screenplay Competition. 

He's currently adapting it into a graphic novel and hopes to turn it into an animated series someday.


In 2022, Andrew's pilot script Temple of the Tiki was a quarterfinalist in ScreenCraft's Animation Competition.

 Let's talk! 


Please feel free to reach out for writing samples, business inquires or extravagant offers.

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